Kwa.Mama’s Story

Kwa.mama care centre began as an empty room in which to wash children once a month back in 2009, five years later, Kwa.mama care centre runs a free pre-school with more than 200 registered little ones, a soup kitchen that feeds besides their own children, approximately 50 old and ill people and in October 2013, Kwa.mama care centre started an international volunteer program.

Kwa.mama is a non-profit organisation and completely depends on donations and volunteers. The permanent working members are people from the local community. They are unemployed and therefore Kwa.mama has created daily purpose in their lives. The permanent working members do not get paid with money, but get rewarded with tokens that are redeemed in the Token Shop. This shop is filled with any and every crumb Kwa.mama volunteers are able to catch and collect. Recycle refresh and use to rebuild 😍

In 2018 political turmoil caused us to close down the original preschool and move our organisation to a deep rural setting  at Manaba Thokazi area in northern KZN of South Africa where we now support several independent exsisting structures. So far 6 preschools are inviting our attention and each establishment has approximately 20 little students.

Preschools in this area are a new sight and more are being started up as the local community bands together.  The children are between the age of two to six. They learn how to play, share and be together.

Considering the fact that speaking and understanding English will highly improve the chances of these babies future’s, Kwa.mama would love to invite English speaking volunteers from all over the world.

As most of their working members are not literate, this is a great opportunity to expose the children and permanent members to English on a daily basis.

The youth program is focused on conservation. It has become of utmost importance to expose the youth to their rightful heritage conserning the gift of wildlife that they don’t value or even know. We are of the oppinion that once they start to phisically see the animals their hearts will start to beat to the rythym of creating a safe environment for humans and wildlife side by side.

Our new location is close to two primary scools and one over crowded high school..all eager to participate.

This new deep rural location is surrounded by national parks and conservancies.